Monday, February 1, 2010

Writing Sub Plans

I injured myself. Badly.

I sprained my ankle and I can't put even the tiniest bit of weight on it. Which means it's time for...


Hopefully I'll be able to get by with just one day away from my little darlings, but I still have to write up plans for a whole day - Everything I would say or do for someone else to follow.

So... here's how I do it.

I've created an outline for each day of the week with computer times, library schedule, recesses, etc. When an unexpected absence comes along, I just pull up the outline on my computer and fill in the blanks. Then I can email the file to a grade level team member or have an angel who lives with me (Thanks, J!) bring it to my school before the day starts.

Recently, I also created a week's worth of emergency sub plans. These plans follow the outline rule, and they have activities in them that could be used at any point in the year. I plan to use these plans if I get sick suddenly (like in the middle of the night), and I don't have time to create more detailed plans. I keep them in a red folder in my desk drawer with all the necessary copies to accompany the plans.

The only problem I have is - what if I was going to go to the library to choose a new book for my guided reading groups? Do I explain to the sub how to do that? What if I plan to teach an entirely new subject to my students that day? Do I put that in the hands of the substitute (aka 'guest teacher') and hope for the best?
I'm still trying to figure out these hiccups. Please share any suggestions you've discovered.

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