Monday, February 1, 2010

Husbands for Sale

Your story reminds me of one of my own. At the school I am student teaching at there are three fifth grade teachers and myself. One of the teachers has been married awhile. One of the others just got married in November. And then the last teacher and myself are single.

Since the beginning of the year my students have loved to ask me about boyfriends and if I had one. They would also ask when I would get one because they wanted me to bring him into the classroom like another student teacher did (her boyfriend came and proposed to her in her classroom with the students, needless to say, now my students want someone to come to their classroom). But, it has gotten even funnier and worse since the other teacher got married.

Now my class as well as the other single teachers class are trying to find us husbands. At first they started with the usual questions of if we had boyfriends. Then it went on to things such as this:

Student: "Well, I am sure you can buy a boyfriend. Or even better, you should just buy a husband."

Next student: "You can't buy a husband. Duh. You have to go catch one."

First student: "ok. Then you need to go fishing Miss Walker."

Another student: "She doesn't need to go fishing. She just needs to marry my cousin."

Next student: "I have uncle you could marry. He is a construction worker."

New student: "Yeah. Marry the construction worker, but he has to propose to you here in the classroom."

These comments are not only going on in my room, but in the other teachers classroom as well. It makes me laugh every time that I hear them. I even heard on student in the hall ask another where they could find husbands for sale. I told them to let me know where as soon as they found out. We will see if they come up with an answer. And as funny as it is, you have to love them for trying right?

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  1. Thanks for that HILARIOUS story. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't breathe!