Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes we can!

CRTs have started. I have told my students multiple times that it's an exciting time of year when they get to show the world what they've learned in third grade. I say this with an ear to ear grin and pump my fist in the air to tell them, "You can do this! This test will be a piece of cake for you!"


Inside I feel butterflies doing somersaults through rings of fire. I put on a great show, but testing season always makes me nervous. I am being evaluated just as much as the students are. Did I teach what was required? Did my kids understand? It all comes down to THE TEST. I think that's a little strange, but that's a different can of tuna.

Anyway, I've been looking at this picture on my fridge and saying positive things to myself so I can make it successfully through another CRT run. And hopefully this year will turn out as well as last.

Wish me luck!

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