Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Third graders are really cool

This cheer has been going through my head through both weeks of end of year, high stakes testing.

Special thanks to my third grade team partner who wrote the words to this song. It totally gets me pumped up for my kids to ace the test, and I think it helps them feel more confident too.

It goes like this:

Third graders are really cool, our test scores will top the school
We'll take our time and do our best, because we want to pass this test
Guessing is not the thing to do. Using test tips will help us through.
We'll use our brains and we'll recall all we've learned since way last fall.
Third graders are really cool. Our test scores will TOP.... THE... SCHOOOOOOL! YEAH!

Nothing like a little cheer to get you revved up. :)

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