Thursday, April 1, 2010

Additional Note

I feel like I ought to be contributing to this.... I do enjoy reading.

I recently met up with some others that I had graduated with a few days ago. Getting together and talking about our first year made me think about this blog. Now, as much as I do enjoy the stories I read, I can't think of anything in particular to share. However, I really felt I ought to. This is for teachers!

I love teaching. I do have days that are really bad that I look forward to ending quickly. I do have days where I feel like I am empowering students and creating future citizens of the universe!

One thing I've really learned this year is that students want to be empowered and they want to be recognized. They don't necessarily believe that is what they want, but it's obvious. I've learned that for me to feel like I am doing my job I need to find a way to meet that criteria in some form and fashion. They learn better when they're empowered.

Also, another HUGE important aspect to 2nd grade....
if it's a song or a game their motivation and desire to learn increases 10 fold. ;)

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