Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think we have all heard of the Phases of First Year Teaching. I feel the need to confess that I am following this silly little curve to a tee. I'm smack dab in the middle of the disillusionment phase - questioning my effectiveness and capability as a teacher and wondering if I'll ever make it through. Will I honestly be playing catch up for the entire year?

Have any of you felt this way? What did you do to cope?

I've found that doing things I love helps me stay a little more focused on things that really count.

Keeping a Celebration Journal daily also helps. I write down something during the school day - no matter how small - that made me smile or that went really well. I do this every single day, even if I feel like the whole day was a struggle.

For me, nothing clears my head more than a good workout. I've joined a great group of ladies for aerobics class every Wednesday night, and I joined a gym where I run on a treadmill or elliptical after work every day. (I would run outside, but it's too darn cold!) Two nights ago I went to the gym and watched the Colbert Report for the first time. I was laughing like crazy while breaking a sweat. What could be better than that?

I'm waiting on pins and needles for the Rejuventaion period to begin.

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