Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entertaing Students

I am sure that everyone of us has entertaining students in our classrooms. We all have the ones that make us smile, the ones that make us frustrated, and the ones that just make us laugh. I am student teaching in a fifth grade classroom and i have this one student who makes me laugh every single day. So I thought I would share the joy and the funny moments.

Upon first meeting this student he seems like a quite shy little guy. But once you start to get to know him you realize that this first impression is not true at all. He is one of the funnest kids i have ever met. First of all he is just the cutest little guy with his messed up hair and big round glasses. Second of all he us very outgoing and loves to make people laugh. Third he is a huge fan of Brian Regan.

With all of these things you can image how he is in the classroom. He plays peak-a-boo with the students at his table and with me as the teacher. He makes jokes about everything and always has a comment for the lesson. Most of the time they are connected to what i am teaching so it just makes it fun. And last, which is my most favorite thing, he quotes Brian Reagan all the time.

I happen to love Brian Reagan as well and watching this student deliver the lines is hilarious and cute all at the same time. He has most of the lines memorized and does a really good job with facial expressions as well as the sound of his voice. He has such a fun time telling the jokes that you can't help but let him. And the best part is that the other students love it as well. It is their favorite thing to have him get up at the end of the day and tell jokes. And IT makes me smile every time.

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  1. Thanks for the post Britt! I loved reading about this funny guy. I have some great kids in my class, too. I especially get a kick out of the student who looks and talks like the boy in UP. :) I'm so glad I can go to a job every day where I get to laugh!